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Iridology Assessments


Iridology assessment is based on actual scientific clinical research and development

Our assessments are based upon the Bexel Irina system which successfully achieved FDA approved status as medical device class 3 in Korea, following the highly successful Korean government certified clinical studies held at AJU University. You can review the clinical study here.

Precise Bio-Metric Examination

Our Iridology Analysis assessments offers precise examination of the pupil, collarette and iris sectors using a very complex biometric algorithm for eye measurements and calculations that is not available anywhere else!

Based on REAL science!

It is now becoming well known to most iridologists that changes in the iris density and healing lines have never been proven scientifically. Using other iridology analysis software that measures density for assessments is dismissed science since the iris is genotypic and does not change in exception to various aging processes. If the iris did change after health changes, the whole iris biometric market would not exist!

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