Eye image approval and analysis results should take less than 24 hours.

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Iridology Assessment service offers a discounted iridology assessment service for integrative medical-health clinics and independent health practitioners.

Please fill out the clinic-practitioner application form below and we will contact you with more information and discount pricing offers.

Clinic Application Form

Use this form if you are interested in offering iridology analysis service in your clinic.
  • Please let us know more about your healing art profession or health clinic.
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Yes, we will send you a code for one free analysis that can be used within one year to determine if there are any changes in your assessment results.

Please note that any applicable changes occur mainly in the pupil and collarette. The iris itself is genotypic and does not change in short life term intervals.

The second analysis results can be very beneficial to determine any positive health changes after a minimum of three month to one year health regime prescribed by your doctor, integrative medicine clinician or naturopath.

The code will become active on the fourth month of original analysis date.

This code will then be valid for one year and must be exact individuals eye images.

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Please first upload your eye images using the upload image formpost. If your images are acceptable for iridology assessment, we will send you an invoice with copy of first page of your analysis results. After payment is received, we will send your fully completed analysis.

For clinics, we send monthly invoice on the first of each month. Invoice payment is due within 15 days.

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You can review recent clinical studies in iridology from the iridology research updates page.

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Yes. The fee for iridology assessment is currently 95.00 USD. We will send invoice including partial analysis report.

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